Business Resiliency Amidst Covid-19: Futureproof

No one ever thought that the first half of 2020 will be spent at home. The COVID-19 pandemic brought many countries to a standstill, changing people’s daily lives and shifting businesses all over the world.

Running a business means more person to person activities including meetings, conferences, and all sorts of face to face dealings and transactions. A business gets to establish and earn trust by communicating and meeting in person. But as COVID-19 puts a halt on all personal activities, how will you go about with business continuity and ensure that you stay afloat amidst these challenging times?

Below are some tips on how to futureproof business and maintain and nurture business resiliency just when a pandemic is wreaking havoc on many parts of the world:

Guarantee the Productivity of Employees Working Remotely

It might take some time before your employees can keep up with the enterprise digital transformation that paved way to new work settings. Thus, it is important that you are there to guide them in every step of the way. Encourage them to have their work station set up in a location far from their rest area. It should be in a place where it would be easy for them to focus and concentrate. Set deadlines and clear expectations to make sure that the time of your employees are used in a productive manner.

Maintain Transparent and Regular Communication with Staff and Clients

In these challenging times, communication is always the key. Your clients and staff will be interested to know how the effects and potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your organization. It is critical that you inform them how you are handling things as well the measures you have in place to ensure that the interests of you clients and employees are always protected. Maintain frequent communication as needed to avoid information overload.

Don’t Stop Your Sales and Marketing Activities

Now more than ever, strengthening your client relationships is a must. Keep the name of your organization right in front of your clients through consistent and relevant marketing content that can be in the form of newsletters or social media. If you cease communicating, your brand will lose its visibility and the last thing you want is for people to forget about the existence of your organization when this problem finally comes to an end.

Explore the Available Government Support for Businesses

This might differ from one country to another but don’t forget to check if there are available rent relief or allowances from the government that can help your organization stay afloat. This can serve as a support for your bottom line until your revenue stream becomes more stable once again.

Follow Some Cost-Saving Strategies

These trying times are the best time for you to analyze your business and identify the activities that take up time but don’t generate much profit. You can cut down on your cost if you outsource some business processes to help streamline all your business activities. This way, you can boost your business efficiency so you can focus better on your bounce-back strategy.

There are still uncertainties on when or if things can still go back to normal. After all, how businesses function and how customers behave already changed for good. But, as long as you know how to keep up with these changes, you can survive and succeed amidst these tough times.